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Frog Spawning Season

Frog Spawning Season

After all the heavy snow and freezing conditions we usually experience in December, spring is always a welcome sight & thankfully just around the corner. January and February so far, have been reasonably mild, & if you know what to look for, there are signs of spring arriving as soon as the last of the snow has melted & the day light hours lengthen.  As someone that suffers from mild Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, this is great news. Every time I survive another winter, I always embrace that seasonal change into spring.

In the last few weeks, i have noticed the countryside starting to turn into that lush, fresh, healthy green colours of spring & my old & welcome friend the snowdrops, are popping up everywhere. Depending on what part of the country you live in & the diversity of the weather, the frogs seem to know something about this change that we obviously don’t, as frog spawn has been sighted around the country as early as mid-January. Therefore, it would be very interesting to hear from anyone that already has frog spawn  in their pond.

Spring is certainly official for me when I see a busy pond filled with a frenzy of frogs and frogspawn & anybody can invite frogs & other amphibians into their back gardens as all you really need is something that holds water.  Remembering back to my own childhood, i once made a pond out of an old rubber dingy. I spent many happy hours collecting & hatching frog-spawn & raising tadpoles to frog-lets so i could release them back into the wild.  If you are lucky enough to have a garden with a pond & u have frogs already happily thriving in it, it is worth taking time to study these new little leases of life as they are always an interesting sight, & in my opinion, should not be missed.

Albino Frog Spawn

I would be very much interested to hear from anyone that happens to spot Albino frog spawn. It seems from my studies, that it might only occur in areas where the frogs carry the albino gene. Albino frog spawn is rare, & frogs have so many predators that its quite probable that any albino frog spawn & tadpoles would very rarely make it to adulthood.

New for 2011

We are now selling eco-pond early stage tadpole food and late-stage tadpole food;

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