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Floating Plant Islands

Floating Plant Islands

With all this hot weather, and your pond turning greener by the minute, it’s the ideal time to add some of our Floating Plant Islands. For those that have inherited a pond without marginal shelving or a surrounding bog-garden, these islands are ideal. The effect of our planting islands is not only visually enhancing, but, will also give safe and healthy cover for fish, amphibians and other wildlife.  For the best effect, we recommend you use trailing and creeping plants that will spread out over the islands and the water. The plants will also benefit your pond by taking nitrates out of the water, adding oxygen, cutting down on sunlight and so reducing algae and green water. Even better still, this can all be achieved in a matter of weeks. Our islands come in a square or round format and sit about 2 cm above the water when planted. They also come in two different sizes  of either 25 cm or 35cm.  The larger islands will house two or three plants giving extra colour and variation.

For a visual effect and to take nitrates out of the water we recommend the following plants 

Mazus Reptans Blue

Mazus Reptans Alba

Potentilla Palustris

Anagalis Tenella

Lobelia Chinensis

Lysimachia Nummularia

Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea

Mimulus Orange Glow

Phyla Lanceolata


For a visual effect and to oxygenate the water we recommend the following plants –

Veronica Becabunga

Hydrocotyl Vulgaris

Hydrocotyl Vulgaris Chrytal Confetti

Ludwigia Palustris



Once opened, simply place your island over a old flower pot, so the liner can unfold and hang down to its full capacity. Half fill with multi-purpose compost, add a couple of osmocote tablets, then take your chosen plants out of their pots and replant them into your islands. Finish by filling any gaps with more soil up to the level of the top of the island.

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