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Justicea Americana

Justicia Americana

Also known as American Water Willow, this very attractive, rare and unusual plant grows wild on the edge of large-ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. Growing to a height of 45 cm, Justicia Americana will continue to flower throughout the summer for up to 10 weeks.

I first discovered this plant about 4 years ago.  It’s probably the most versatile plant I have ever come across, and it will thrive and look great growing in anything from a patio water feature, to the edge of large rivers, lakes and streams. Justicia can also grow in very shallow waters of only 2 cm down to a depth of 30 cm. Not only is this plant exceptionally attractive with its masses of stunning orchid like white, lavender and violet flowers, but is extremely useful as it will absorb nitrates, ammonia, and oxygenate your water.  Justicia is a perfect haven for wildlife too, as its compact growing habit will attract birds, and provide a suitable spawning ground for frogs, newts, greater crested newts, toads and fish. 100% frost hardy, Justicia Americana can survive weeks of being frozen solid in ice.

So, if you are looking for the perfect Marginal plant, look no further as Justicia Americana holds its head up high above all other marginal’s, and for this reason, I would give this plant a score of 100%.


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