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Duckweed Problems

Duckweed Problems

Unfortunately duckweed seems to be the curse of every garden pond.  Just when your pond is looking at its best, and your plants are starting their spring growth, along it will come invading our beautiful ponds with millions of tiny green floating leaves which spread out over the water’s surface at a rate of knots.  This pest plant is so invasive that one individual plant that may have by chance arrived on the back of a frog or on the foot of a visiting bird, can divide, self-seed and ultimately, cover your entire pond within weeks.

Not surprisingly, the most common question I frequently get asked is “How do I get rid of it?” You may have tried time and again and think it’s an impossible task but, I have seen incredible results of duckweed being brought under control and even completely eliminated in some of the worst examples, and I shall explain how in the following paragraphs.  Prevention has always been by far the best cure as with a lot of things so, every day I spend 20 minutes inspecting every container or fiberglass pond for any signs of duckweed, and  if I find just one speck, I remove it straight away.  Using this method has ensured that Lilies Water Gardens is always 100% duckweed free and carrying out the same measures on your own pond, will ensure that yours it too, as a 5 minute daily inspection is all it takes to keep your pond duckweed-free.

For badly contaminated ponds though, unfortunately, you will have to take the time consuming and unenviable task of thoroughly cleaning out the pond.  I recently carried out this task on my mother’s pond which had a bad infestation of duckweed.  Unfortunately, we had to discard all the plants and baskets, and give the pond several water changes before I was satisfied it was duckweed free.  It’s very important to jet wash  any stone ornaments to wash out any hidden duckweed that may have accumulated in any folds or crevices in the pond liner, especially where  the folds overlap onto land. You will also need to do a fine inspection of any soil areas outside the pond where the water may have overflowed or splashed over onto the soil.  It’s important to be very vigilant with inspections over the next few days, if all else fails we sell a popular treatment for controlling Duckweed, details below.







Eco pond Duckweed control is a special bacterial culture which prevents the growth of duckweed. Formulated from natural products, chemical free and safe to all wildlife. 250 ml treats 1000 gallons or 4550 liters.

This is why here at Lilies Water Gardens we are proud to be owners of a duckweed free nursery.

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