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Patio Pond and Container Water Gardening

Patio Pond and Container Water Gardening

Containers with water in, look great in a multitude of situations and can bring your garden to life with much the same impact as planted patio pots and hanging baskets.  Imagine yourself on a hot summers day, chilling out with a glass of wine, sitting next to your container water-garden with its miniature water lilies floating around on the surface, supporting its very own small ecosystem. Not only is it visually attractive, but with the plants you have chosen and with the beauty of their reflections, you will surely feel pride and pleasure in its depths. You will be amazed at the visitors that decide to make it their home too, such as, damselflies, dragonflies, water-boatmen, pond skaters, pond beetles, and frogs to name but a few!  Your container and the pond life it will attract, will do best in full sun or partial shade but, can also be situated in many other locations around the garden such as, a border among st other plants, on a lawn or patio, in your conservatory or, if you do not have a garden, you can even have one on your flat balcony. You may think that water gardening, if you live in a flat, would be somewhat impossible but, this is however, becoming a popular hobby and can be addictive.  I have many customers that are avid fans of container water gardening who have filled their balconies and gardens with up to a dozen containers in different locations.  You can even add a new dimension with the sound of trickling water, as there are hundreds of simple water features and lots of ways to adjoin them to maximize that ultimate container garden experience.


As containers are generally small, the best and most effective and easiest way to plant your containers up is, to put the plants directly into the soil. Rather than using aquatic baskets, and using bricks for water depths, simply add aquatic soil straight into your container as this will give you that natural looking overall effect. If you half fill your container with soil first and then allow six inches of water to float on top of that, you won’t go far wrong.  Don’t forget to add plant food.  I would recommend pushing 6 osmocote tablets down 1 or 2 inches into the soil.  They are harmless to wildlife, and should be repeated halfway through the growing season, but do not feed your plants later than July.  For healthy, clean and clear water you will need a balance of plants.  A couple of marginal plants, some with floating leaves and a noninvasive oxygenating plant, will give you good results.  If you are planting up multiple containers, try to use lots of different plants as this will give variety and balance to the overall effect. Below are a few plants I personally recommend, but there are masses of others to choose from. If you log on to our website and click on the advanced search tab on the top navigation bar and then tick the box (suitable for patio water gardening), you will easily find the plants of your choice.  Our containers are also available to buy online.

Recommended Container Plants :-

Pygmaea Helvola

Pygmaea Laydeckeri Lilacea

Typha Minima

Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae

Iris Laevigata Variegata

Elodea Canadensis

Ranunculus Circinatus

To see our full range of pond plants suitable for container water gardening, please visit our website or click on the following link

Pond Plants for Container Water Gardening and Water Features