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Guide to Aquatic Baskets and Soil

Guide to Aquatic Baskets and Soil

On our nursery and available to buy online through our website, we have a range of aquatic baskets, and aquatic soils for use in the baskets.  The problem is, knowing how much soil to use.  To help you with those all important decisions, I have done you a guide, so you can purchase the right quantity for your specific needs, both our Lelite Waterlily soil and our Velda aquatic soil are sold in 10 liter bags.

Aquatic Pond Soil and Lelite Water lily Aquatic Soil (10 litre bags)

17 cm round aquatic baskets take 2 liters

23 cm round aquatic baskets take 3.5 liters

24 cm square aquatic baskets take 5 liters

29 cm square aquatic baskets take 10 liters

40 cm extra large square aquatic baskets take 30 liters

20 cm shallow square oxygen plant baskets take 2.5 liters

Contour baskets take 7 liters



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