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Gomphostigma Virgatum

Gomphostigma Virgatum

A few years ago a fellow nurseryman gave me a unusual plant from Africa also known as River star and Otter bush. Gomphostigma Virgatun is certainly a unusual Marginal plant as it has evergreen silvery grey leaves and branches and grows quite happily in water. Originating from South Africa, river star will grow to a amazing height of 2.5 meters, its natural habitat as its name suggest is river margins where it will grow amongst boulders and in silt beds.

As a Marginal plant it will grow almost anywhere that is wet, so can be used in ponds, streams, rivers, bog-gardens and moist borders.  Not only does it have attractive silvery leaves but also produces a abundance of white scented flowers in the summer, In its native habitat it will flower in December and January. River star is also used traditionally to fight off extreme tiredness and also the twigs are used to make brooms much the same way as we make witches brooms from Hazel. Plant in full sun and cut back hard after winter encouraging compact bushy plants and therefore more flowers.

So if you fancy something quite unique and different to anything else you have tried before the Gomphostigma Virgatum may be the plant for you. Highly recommendable!

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