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Blanket Weed Problems

Blanket Weed Problems


How do I get rid of blanket weed?  I must have been asked this question a million times, and have removed tons of the stuff over the last 25 years.  Blanket weed, also known scientifically as ‘Filamentous or String Algae, must be just about the most annoying, invasive nuisance plant to plague our ponds.  All it takes is a short spell of hot weather with plenty of sun shining down onto the water surface, and there you have the perfect recipe for the horrible green stuff. During the spring and summer months, blanket weed can get so out of control that if not dealt with quickly and efficiently, will literally choke your pond plants.  However, all is not lost as there are various solutions and prevention’s to this annoying and unwelcome problem.  Blanket weed can be controlled to a certain degree, by literally pulling it out regularly (daily) although, this is a laborious and time consuming method of eradication.  However, by far the best method to date, is to use one of our ranges of algae and blanket weed treatments which are readily available to purchase from our website or in person, throughout the season. Here at Lilies Water Gardens, there are two products that we regularly use at our nursery that have also become very popular on our website.  The first of these products is called Clover leaf Blanket Answer, which has a unique blend of minerals and enzymes which will eliminate and banish blanket weed quickly and efficiently from your pond and, will help to prevent new outbreaks forming.  Or, new on the market, is a product called ‘Eco-pond Extract of Barley Straw’, which is perfectly safe for both flora and forna as both of these products, are chemical free.  Also available, is another very popular blanket weed buster, (although as yet untested by ourselves), which is commonly used as a preventative measure and is called, ‘Green ways Barley Straw Pads’.  If you have a wildlife pond without any fish in, try introducing Daphnia (Water Fleas).  These little life saving munchkins are generally used as live, tropical fish food and can be purchased from any aquatic retailer but, the best bit of all is, they are also very partial to Blanket Weed and will mass-produce and leave you with a lovely clear pond.


Remember though, at the end of the day, prevention is always better than any cure. All you really need, is the right type and amount of plant growth to get the balance just right so as to prevent this very invasive, and dreaded green monster from choking your pond in the first place. Ideally, you should have approximately, two thirds of the surface area of your pond covered in floating plants, with some nitrate removing submerged plants also, which when combined, will work together to create a perfect Eco-balance in your pond by removing the nitrates and cutting down on any surface sunlight, which in turn will then discourage the growth of all types of algae, which is key in producing and achieving that very satisfying and excellent result.


Blanket Weed – Beware!!!

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