Pond Algae

Pond Algae

There are hundreds of different types of Fresh-Water Algae and the most common problematic forms to invade our ponds are Blanket Weed (Filamentous Algae) and Plankton Algae more commonly known as ‘Green-Water Algae’.  Algae blooms can occur for a number of reasons, but are more commonly found in newly established ponds, especially those filled up with tap-water.  It’s widely thought that chlorine can trigger off an Algae Bloom simply by a lack of established plants, and before you know it, your pond has turned into a horrible pea soup green.  This green bubbly scum will quickly reduce oxygen levels in the water.  Other causes of Algae Bloom are too much sunlight, nutrients which are released from too much sludge, fertilizers (plant food) and, fish waste.  It is therefore essential to establish plants in all ponds before introducing fish.  Green Water Algae problems in established ponds usually correct themselves over time, finally establishing a good water balance.  It is also quite common after a heavy night of rain to find your green pond has magically turned crystal clear by the morning, and this happens because the heavy rain breaks down the Algae, which then sinks to the bottom of the pond.


Preventions and Treatments

As the saying suggests, prevention in the first place is better than the cure.   The key to this is to add the correct balance of aquatic plants.  Two thirds of the surface of your pond should be covered in floating leafed plants, oxygenating plants and free-floating Pond plants.  Aquatic plants take nutrients out of the water reducing and starving out nutrient Hungry Algae.  Marginal plants are also excellent for reducing nitrate levels, and to find out more information regarding this, just take a look at our ‘Advanced Search’ facility on our Homepage at www.lilieswatergardens.co.uk  and then tick the ‘Advanced Search’ box for ‘Nitrate Removing Plants’.  Pond Snails are also a perfect attribute to a healthy balanced pond as they are great scavengers.  Further information on our helpful little slimy friends can be found on a separate blog entitled ‘Pond snails’.

Here at Lilies Water Gardens, we have some excellent treatments which are popular, fast and effective, one of our most popular is a product called ‘Cloverleaf Blanket Answer’.  We highly recommend this product as we use it ourselves on our retail nursery and it keeps us in full control of this annoying invader.  There are two other popular, effective products which we also sell and they are, ‘Barley Straw Pads’ and ‘Ecopond Extract of Barley Straw’.  All of these products are available to buy online or in person here at Lilies Water Gardens.


Here at Lilies Water Gardens, we will always strive to provide you with highly effective treatments to keep at bay all varieties of Pond Algae which may invade your ponds and lakes so you too can have an Algae free, healthy and happy environment for your plants and of course, your wildlife.


To see our full range of Algae treatments and pond planting accessories, please visit our website www.lilieswatergardens.co.uk