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Pontederia Cordata and Cultivars

Pontederia Cordata and Cultivars

Also known as Pickerel Weed, Pontederia are native to the north continent of America, where they can be found growing in wide range of areas.  From Canada down to the swamps of Louisiana, vast colonies can be found even growing in the banks of the Everglades.

Pontederia Cordata and its colorful cultivars are some of the most popular and frequently used deep marginal plants.  They can be found growing happily submerged in 3 inches of shallow water or in deeper waters up to 12 inches.   All produce tall upright stems and bright green, spoon shaped lanceolate leaves, with deep blue/purple flowers, or white or pink flowers depending on variety.   This plant has an extremely important use in formal and wildlife ponds as it is favored by the emerging nymphs of Dragonflies and Damselflies who will use it as a ladder to climb up out of the water to dry out in the sun before emerging into winged adults.   It is also one of the best plants to be used in filtration beds as it is extremely greedy and will consume lost of nutrients and nitrates in the water.   It is not surprising then that it has been awarded the’ RHS Award of Garden Merit’.


Pontederia Dilatata and Lanceolata

Both of these cultivars are larger growing and grow much taller than the wild purple flowered Pontederia Cordata species.  The cultivars can reach a height of up to 5 ft.  Dilatata has narrow leaves and purple flowers where Lanceolata, has the narrowest leaves out of all the cultivars and has large, deep blue flowers.


Pontederia Cordata Alba  and Pontaderia Cordata Pink

Both these cultivars grow to the same size as the Cordata and produce pink or white flowers. Pontederia Cordata Pink is not quite as tough as the white variety but brings a new, and  interesting variety of colour to this wonderful group of plants.


Pontederia Cordata Sunsplash

On our nursery, we have developed our very own unique variegated cultivar which we hope to market in the coming future.  At this moment we haven’t decided on a name, but as you can see from the photo, it is an extremely attractive plant, so keep an eye out for this one in the near future.

All our Pontederia species and their cultivars are available to buy online or from our retail nursery, see our website for availability and our nursery opening times.