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Potamogeton Pondweeds

Potamogeton Pondweeds

There are a large group of aquatic plants known as Potamogetons but are more commonly known as Pond weeds.   They have a wide global distribution and some 50 or more species can be found growing in the British Isles.  Some are more common and can be found growing almost everywhere whilst others, are extremely rare and can only be found growing in specific locations.   Pond weeds are true aquatic plants and can be found growing in shallow and deep waters of up to a depth of 10 ft.  However, some varieties of Pond weeds favor a more varied habitation and prefer streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, man-made canals, quarries, and reservoirs.

Each variety of Pond weed has its own unique variation of leaf size, shape and colour.  Some have tape-like, lanceolate, narrow or crispy curled leaves that grow under the water whilst others, produce oval, spear shaped leaves that float on the water surface.  The leaf colour takes on many green/ brown and red appearing variations, and the same species can look quite different when found growing in two different types of habitat, due to water conditions, temperature, altitude and amount of sunlight available to it.   All species produce insignificant flowers and self seed attracting Dragonflies, Damselflies and Newts.

All Pond weeds could actually be categorized as oxygenating plants as all aquatic plants with submerged or floating leaves, will produce vital under-water oxygen.   Pond weeds are versatile too and are also excellent at removing excess nitrates out of the water.   Here at Lilies Water Gardens we grow three species of these attractive Pond weeds  such as Potamogeton Natans and Potamogeton Malainus which both have floating leaves.   Potamogeton Malainus is a smaller growing variety and less invasive, whilst Potamogeton Natans is non-invasive if confined to a container or solid pot but can be invasive when planted into clay bottomed ponds. We also grow Potamogeton Crispus which is also known as Curled or Curly Pond weed.  This particular variety has green to red curled, seaweed looking leaves and is therefore a very popular oxygenating plant.


Botanists Welcome

As an enthusiast and avid collector of different types and species of cultivar pond plants, I would be very interested in receiving any samples of Pond weed that may be growing near you.   So, if you would like to bring or send me the sample or even e.mail me a photograph of your own unusual variety to me here, at Lilies Water Gardens, and if I haven’t already got it and you agree, I would be only to happy to swap your variety with one of my very own.   If you are interested, please contact me at or  alternatively, I can be contacted by telephone on 01306-631064.  Thank you, and I await with anticipation your response.


Pondweeds forever!

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