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Schizostylis Coccinea or (Kaffir Lily)

Schizostylis Coccinea Major or (Kaffir Lily)

Also known as the River Lily and commonly now sold under its new Latin name of Hesperantha Coccinea.  To avoid any confusion, I will refer to them as River Lilies, although they are actually members of the Iris family.   River Lilies originate from South Africa where they grow wild along the banks of streams and rivers.  It’s not surprising then that they are often mistakenly sold as Marginal plants.   River Lilies prefer to grow in climates where the summers are warm and wet, and the winters are cold and dry.   They are very adaptable and grow well in moist Perennial borders, but unfortunately they are not frost hardy and will perish in harsh winters or long periods of sub-zero temperatures.

River Lilies are semi-evergreen and grow to about 60 cm in height, flowering between September and December, depending on the variety.   They put on such a spectacular, colorful show of flowers that they are often sold as cut flowers in many florists.   There are many cultivars available in numerous shades of red, white and pink, and they have a long flowering season and will keep pushing out new flowers until the first frosts cut them back.

The Kaffir Lily is really a delightful plant to have in any garden.



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