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Mazus Reptans

Mazus Reptans

Also known as ‘Chinese Marsh Flower’, Mazus Reptans is a variety of Alpine that gives very good ground cover.  It produces Matt-forming, bright green, foliage and a mass of purple or white flowers.  The white flowered variety grows more tightly compact than the purple species.  Mazus are frost hardy, evergreen plants that like moist soil and will grow happily in full sun or in partially shadey areas. Mazus grows to a height of 5 cm and produces a dense carpet of flowers from May to July.Mazus reptans blue



Mazus Reptans is a creeper and therefore is a very useful plant to have in the water garden.  Mazus is one of the most popular plants grown for covering exposed pond liners.  Simply plant it in a moist border, rockery or bog-garden near to your pond, and it will trail in a thick carpet along the edge of your pond hiding all visible liner right down to the water’s edge.  Mazus is also widely used to soften banks and prevent soil erosion and is therefore, excellent for edging  natural streams and ponds,

Mazus Reptans is also a valuable plant for attracting all kinds of wildlife down to the water’s edge, and also provides a safe exit for emerging frog-lets, toads and newts.Mazus reptans white

We recommend you should plant one out in a 1 litre pot to every square foot of soil and this will provide good compact cover that same season.