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New Water Lily Cultivars

New Water Lily Cultivars

The biggest passion for me in running my nursery has to be my Water Lily collection.  Over the years my collection has grown steadily and extensively and is still growing. Just in the last 18 months I have collected 100 new cultivars which will become available to buy over the next few years as Water Lilies don’t like to be rushed and take time to mature and patience is advised.   In the meantime though, the public are always welcome to come visit Lilies Water Gardens and see the new colour and shape transformations that have been developed by top class hybridizers from all over the world.

Next spring 2016, I will be selling 6 new cultivars from my collection and these are first time, Water Lily introductions into the UK which are exclusive to Lilies Water Gardens only and cannot be bought from any other nursery within the UK.  All six are easy to grow and will do well in clay or lined ponds. These cultivars will require plenty of room to spread out as they mature, so if you are using aquatic baskets, the basket must be 29 cm in diameter or larger. The crown of the plant should be planted down to a water depth of 30-60 cm in the basket and the measurement is calculated from the top of the basket to the water’s surface. Summer climates vary around the UK and throughout Europe so you should ideally get flowers throughout the summer months (somewhere between May and September), depending as I say, on their location, and this also applies to all Water Lily cultivars. All my new cultivars are listed below with links straight to our website where you will find more information and advice about these exclusive beauties.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Nymphaea Razzberry

Nymphaea Snowflake

Nymphaea Black Cherry

Nymphaea Lemon Meringue

Nymphaea Pink Pom Pom

Nymphaea Fuscia Pom Pom

To all you Water Lily lovers – look forward and enjoy!