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Hardy Purple, blue and glowing vivid pink water lilies


Hardy Purple. Blue and Glowing Vivid Pink Water Liliessky diamond

Over the past ten years there has been a new breakthrough in Water Lily hybridization and now, there are dozens of frost hardy purple, vivid glowing pink and blue Water Lilies in existence. These particular Water Lilies are recognised as Inter-Sub Generic Water Lilies or (ISG) for short and are a cross between tropical water lilies and hardy water lilies, which has resulted in new and exciting colours which are also hardy. This has all been achieved by top hybridizers from around the world including my special friend Vasu, who lives in Germany.siampurple 2


I would like to ask you all to just be aware and cautious of any company that is selling half-hardy purple Water Lilies as these are in fact, Tropical varieties that require completely different care to ISG Water Lilies, there is no such thing as a half hardy purple water lily, they are either tropical ( will not survive a UK winter ) or Inter-sub-generic ISG and will survive a UK winter, so please be aware of rogue companies including a frost hardy purple or blue in a collection of reds, pinks and other colours, you are being miss-informed and they are ripping you off!!!nymphaea-tropic-star-62

This year we had three different cultivars of ISG hardy purple Water Lilies that were available to buy from our website including Nymphaea Purple Fantasy.

Hardy purples, glowing-vibrant-pinks, and blues are very new and rare in the Water Lily world and therefore, a lot more expensive than the traditional Lilies we also sell. Having seen these stunning Lilies flower for the first time in the past two years, all I can say is, they are simply outstanding in every way and well worth the investment. As an extra bonus, they are also easy to grow and can be treated the same way as all other hardy Water Lily rootstock.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

My collection of ISG water lilies has now reached 20 plus and the collection is growing, all will become available to purchase one day, some new cultivars available next year, or the year after, while others might not be available for five years!nymphaea-fay-mcdonald-222m


All the images above are of new frost hardy ISG Water lilies