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Pond and Water Plants in Colour

Pond and Water Plants in Colour


There are hundreds of thousands of plants from all corners of the world that grow in still and running water.  Unfortunately, the majority of these are too invasive or simply not interesting enough (unless you’re a botanist), to grow in man-made water gardens and ponds.   Fortunately, commercially produced pond plants come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Many are just foliage plants and/or produce interesting seed heads and there are also large varied collections that produce stunning flowers that bring color on and around the water.awesome


Water Lilies are the largest of our flowering plants in the pond plant industry.  There are thousands of species and cultivars and some are tropical and some are frost hardy.  Whatever your preferences, Lilies come in all colors of the rainbow so there should be one to suit everyone.  Colour in the hardy cultivars was limited up to a few years ago, but some very clever hybridizers have now managed to create frost hardy purples and blues.

Marginal Plants – This collection includes hundreds of rushes and grasses that do not produce flowers.   However, there are many species and cultivars including the showy Louisiana Iris, that produce spectacular flowers and I have listed some of my favorites below-Deep Sea Quest 40

Louisiana Iris         –          (species and cultivars)

Pontaderia             –          (species and cultivars)

Caltha                     –           (species and cultivars)

Lythrums               –           (species and cultivars)

Justicea  Americana

Mentha                  –           (species)

Butomus                –           (species and cultivars)

Myasotis                –           (species and cultivars)

Ranunculus           –           (species)

Thalia Dealbata

Zantadescia Aethiopica

Sagittaria               –           (species and cultivars)

Floating Leaved and Free-floating Plants – The majority of plants in this collection are tropical and don’t produce flowers.  However, there are a few frost hardy plants that do put on a show of colour and probably the best and by far the most popular in this category is Apponogeton Distachyos.  Also known as Water Hawthorne, this particular plant produces large displays of interesting vanilla scented flowers that sit above the water.  Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae also known as Frogbit, is a free floating plant that colonises across the water’s surface in the summer and produces small, dainty white flowers.  Ranunculus Aquatilis is a good oxygenating plant that grows submerged under the water’s surface and produces attractive floating leaves.  Growing in still water or running water, Ranunculus Aquatilis will carpet the water’s surface with white flowers in late spring and early summer.  Nuphars are a family of plants with similar leaves to Water Lilies and produce yellow, Buttercup looking flowers throughout the summer months and there are several species to choose from.Caltha Marilyn_0021-1


All the plants listed and mentioned above can be seen with full individual descriptions and coloured photos on our website at


Colour for us all!