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Amphibian Watch Autumn-Winter 2016

Amphibian Watch Autumn-Winter 2016Baby Marsh Frog


During my autumn nursery tidy up this year, I was amazed at the amount of Amphibians I found almost on a daily basis.  Most of them I found under plant trays, but some were found under fiberglass plant holding tanks in little hollows of earth.  All these hiding places were favored for one reason and that was because, they make excellent refuge and protection places for their winters hibernation.  I decided at the time, to take some photos of baby Frogs and Toads that had made it this far from the spring 2016 spawning season and as you can see in the photo below the  infant Toad is a bit chubby and well stored up on fat supplies which will help ensure her survival  in her hibernation through the cold winter months. The photo above is a baby marsh frog. Baby Toad

It’s been an exceptionally cold January so far and that can take its toll on young amphibians.  Let’s hope the youngsters in the photographs will be lucky and awake in a few weeks time to carry on their active lives in the spring.Baby Common Frogs

I hope you enjoy the photos, the one on the left is a baby common frog.