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Filipendula Ulmaria-Meadow Sweet

Filipendula Ulmaria-Meadow Sweet

Filipendula Ulmaria, also known as Meadow Sweet, Queen of the Meadow, and Meadwort, is a perennial herb. It is widespread and native to the UK, and can be found throughout Europe. A moisture loving (verging on marginal) plant, it favours various damp habitats. These include damp ditches, marsh lands, water meadows, natural springs, fens and damp woodlands.  It produces airy umbels of creamy white scented flowers between June and August; these attract a wide spectrum of pollinating insects including Bees, Hover flies, and Butterflies.  Mead Wort grows to a height of 90 Cm, and will grow happily in full sun or partial shade.  Producing an abundance of small, green pinnate leaves, this native species and its cultivars are a very popular choice of plant for amateur and experienced water gardeners alike.

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Meadow Sweet is also has many other commercial uses. Its stalks, flowers and roots have served throughout the ages as Potpourri; also as remedies for acid digestive disorders; as a natural dye; and can also be used as a herbal tea and flavourings for beers, wines, jams and stews.

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filipendula ulmaria rosea

Filipendula Ulmaria is easy to take care of and needs little attention other than needing to be damp at all times. In autumn, simply cut the plant down to just a few centimetres.  It is fully frost hardy so requires no winter protection and the new growth will start in the spring where the new season leaves will turn a lovely lime green colour.

There are four cultivars to choose from as well as the Native species:-

Filipendula Ulmaria -native species – (single white flowers)

Filipendula Ulmaria-Flore Plena – (double white flowers)

Filipendula Ulmaria-Aurea – (yellow leaves)

Filipendula Ulmaria-Variegata – (yellow and green variegated leaves)

Filipendula Ulmaria-Rosea – (pink flowers)