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Lythrum Salicara Attracting Bees and Pollinators

Lythrum Salicara Attracting Bees and Pollinators

If you want to attract Bees and other pollinating insects to your water garden, I would strongly recommend introducing Lythrum Salicara (common name Loosestrife), or one of its hybrid cultivars.  Purple Loosestrife is a UK native, self seeding, clump forming perennial that grows to a height of 120cm.  It puts on a showy display of pink-purple flowers from July to August attracting Bees, Butterflies and Hoverflies.  This plant is therefore, an extremely popular plant for those wanting to create wildlife gardens.

 Loosestrife is classed as a marginal plant. However, it will only grow in margins if they are very shallow, being no more than 2cm deep.   Ideally it prefers moist and boggy soil, and therefore thrives best at the edge of ponds, lakes, wet ditches and bog gardens.   Being a versatile plant, Loosestrife can tolerate short durations of drought as well as flooding; for this reason it will also often grow at the back of moist perennial borders.  Lythrum Salicara is self-seeding and will colonise large areas. Therefore, if you only want a few plants, my advice would be to grow one of the cultivars listed below.  All  Lythrums are fully frost hardy; their only maintenance requirement is cutting back in the Autumn to a height of about 10 cm.

lythrum salicara

Lythrum Salicara (native self seeding, purple-pink flowered species)

Lythrum Salicara Robert

Lythrum Salicara Robert (short growing pink blooms up to a height of 60 cm)

Lythrum Salicara Swirl zz 2

Lythrum Salicara Swirl, my favourite! (Wild looking airy flowers)

lythrum salicara blush

Lythrum Salicara Blush (lovely showy, shell pink blooms)