Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce

Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce

I have written many articles on both of these free floating, tropical plants and I thought I should just remind you all that they are not frost hardy, and so for that very reason, should NEVER be offered for sale in the UK until all frost risks have disappeared and the water temperature of your pond, has exceeded at least 12 degrees celsius.pistia stratiotes

Both of these free floating plants, will thrive and look great in your pond from Mid May onwards. They will multiply and not only look attractive and provide cover for various wildlife and fish,but will also eat up nitrates and cut down on sunlight therefore, helping to reduce any algae problems.

Eichornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinths), and Pistia Stratiotes (Water Lettuce), should NEVER be sold in the UK during the months of April.  In fact, in some colder areas of the UK, these lovely plants will not survive outside until at least June.  I would very much like to hear from any of you that have been advised to buy these plants at this time of year, as they won’t survive and the supplier will be aware of it!JSR7024

AVAILABLE SOON! I have a very new exciting variegated cultivar of Pistia Stratiotes (water lettuce) I should have plenty to offer by June.

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us here at Lilies Water Gardens, and for that reason, we will not sell or even show them as available to purchase on our website www.lilieswatergardens.co.uk  until at least Mid-May.