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Blanket weed or Blanket Answer

Blanket Weed or Blanket Answer!

Every year as soon as the sun comes out and the water temperature rises, all beginners and enthusiastic, water garden hobbyists alike, at some point will be confronted with a surge of green slime also known as Blanket Weed.  This unsightly, problematic weed clogs up pumps, clings to liners and baskets and eventually,  invades your Water Lilies and other submerged pond plants in its path.  The hard work of cleaning out the pond is not the quick answer though. The combination of the chlorine in the freshly added water together with sunlight, will just make things worse.  New or freshly filled ponds using tap water will often create the ideal conditions for a Algae Bloom; this includes Blanket Weed, which is of course a type of Algae.

How do we solve the problem!

Adding Nitrate Removing Plants

Adding the correct plants that will eat up excess nutrients is always a good first step to achieving a lovely clear pond.  Planting marginal plants, deep water marginal plants, submerged pond plants and oxygenating plants will all help cut down on excess nitrates.

To create your list of nitrate-hungry plants, visit our website and click on “Plants to suit all your needs”.

Adding Water Lilies and other pond plants with floating leaves

Pond plants that produce floating leaves are excellent for cutting down on sunlight and therefore, will help to reduce Algae and Blanket Weed problems.  I always recommended that somewhere between half and two thirds of your pond should be covered in floating leaves.

To create your list of “nitrate removing plants” or plants with “floating leaves and surface cover”, visit our website and click on “plants to suit all your needs”

Another Solution – Use Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverler Leaf 2

I love this non chemical, wildlife friendly product and use it all the time in my own nursery tanks here at Lilies Water Gardens.  Used as instructed to your own size of pond, it stops Blanket Weed in its tracks; and what’s left  seems to just give up and will sink to the bottom of the pond where it will eventually dissolve.

Adding Some Water Daphnia (Water Fleas)

This option for combating Blanket Weed will only work in wildlife ponds without any fish. Otherwise you will soon discover Daphnia is a favourite treat for hungry fish!  Daphnia feed on different types of Algae; adding a bag of live Daphnia to your pond, will often result in 100% crystal clear water.  These tiny hungry helpers will literally eat, breed and eat more Algae until every last bit has disappeared.  Daphnia, we love you.

I hope the above information helps you to achieve a lovely clear Blanket Weed and Algae free pond.

Problem solved!!