Innula Hookeri for Attracting Wildlife

Inula Hookeri for Attracting Wildlife

This often over-looked plant is simply amazing.  Inula Hookeri is a clump forming, moisture loving perennial plant that grows up to a height of 80 cm.  Inula produces a mass of bright yellow flowers that bring color and impact to any water garden during the summer months.  It has stunning, large yellow daisy looking flowers; these strangely twist open from attractive fluffy twisted buds, attracting masses of Bees and Butterflies.

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Inula Hookeri without doubt deserves its place planted next to water.   Loving full sun, it will also grow in partial shade.  In autumn, the flower produces seed heads that are food for many wild birds.   If you want impact, color and wildlife in your water garden, then this is a great addition to add to your water garden project or planting list.