Marginal Pond Plants or Bog Garden Plants


Marginal Pond Plants Or Bog Garden Plants

There seems to be a lot of confusion and inaccurate  information all over the internet on the categorizing of marginal pond plants and bog garden plants.  Like before in many of my articles I will now endeavor to set the record straight.  This information will be essential and informative to anyone that needs a bit of accurate guidance on how and where to plant pond plants to ensure that they will thrive and live happily, rather than giving up and dyeing due to being planted in the wrong places.


Marginal Plants

The name gives it away! Marginal plants grow at the margins of where land meets water.  Water levels in nature rise and drop in times of flooding and drought and because of this, many marginal plants will also grow happily as bog garden plants.  There are many plants listed on my website under several categories due to the fact that they are adaptable and versatile.


Bog Garden Plants

The plants in this category consist of plants that like having their feet in boggy conditions, mud, and very damp soil only.  Some marginal plants are happy in water OR boggy conditions.   Many bog-garden plants are listed as marginal plants, but I can assure you, that when planted in water, they will die rather quickly.  All the plants listed below are categorized wrongly all over the internet as Marginal plants but they are in fact Bog Garden Plants!


Cardamine Pratensis

Lychis Flos Culii

Lobelia Syphilitica

Eupatorium Cannibinum

Mimulus Cupreus

Mimulus Cardinalis

Lobelia Vedrariensis

Geum Rivale

Lysimachia Vulgaris

Ranunuculus Acris Multiplex

Schizostylis Coccinea

Gunnera Magellanica

Iris Pseudacorus Berlin Tiger

Persicaria Bistorta Superum

That’s quite a list and I’m sure I have probably missed a few.  Not only are the plants I have listed sold incorrectly as marginal plants but, they are also sold in aquatic baskets and advertised as pond ready.  However, they won’t last five minutes once submerged under water.


I have been growing pond plants now for over 30 years and all the plants on my website are categorized 100 PER CENT correctly.

I hope this article is interesting and helpful!

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