Marsh Pennywort ( Not To Be Confused with Floating Pennywort)

Marsh Pennywort (Not To Be Confused With Floating Pennywort)

On Monday the 26th March the BBC News highlighted a huge problem with a plant called Pennywort that is choking waterways in the UK.  The plant they were referring to is Floating Pennywort, (Latin name Hydrocotyl Ranunculoides).   This non-native plant is highly invasive and was banned from sales in the UK in 2014.

 Not To Be Confused With

Hydrocotyl Vulgaris – (Marsh Pennywort

This native creeping marginal plant has attractive small round leaves that float on the water. A very underrated plant,  Marsh Pennywort makes an excellent addition to any water garden environment. It will grow nicely in shallow water and muddy margins; it is also suitable for the edges of streams and waterfalls where it will grow quite happily in full sun or partial shade.  This special plant is also sometimes categorised as a shallow oxygenating plant. However, although it will provide some oxygen to very shallow waters, it is not a true oxygenating plant.  Marsh Pennywort grows to a height of 10 cm.  The planting water depth should be no more than 4 cm.  Also available is a lovely similar sized cultivar called Hydrocotyl Sibthorpioides-Chrystal Confetti.  This variety has very attractive cream and green variegated leaves.

UK Banned Plants And Our Compliance

We believe that there is a good reason why certain invasive pond plants incur a ban. (With the exception of the Elodea Crispa and Water Hyacinth ban, which was a EU ban!)  Therefore, we fully support invasive plant rules made by DEFRA on non indigenous species.   Here at Lilies Water Gardens, we believe it’s very important that these invasive plants should never be sold. After all, if irresponsibly released into the wild, they will harm to our natural waterways and water habitats.   For that reason alone, you will never find any banned plants on our nursery or for sale on our online website

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