Environmentally Friendly Bare Rooted Pond Plants

Environmentally Friendly Bare Rooted Pond Plants

A lot of companies are advertising and selling what they call “pond ready plants” in 11 cm and 1 liter sized aquatic baskets!  WARNING – THEY ARE NOT!  But there also are many other environmental reasons why it is far better to buy bare-rooted pond plants whenever possible.

Advantages of bare-rooted stock

1) 11 cm and 1 liter sized aquatic baskets are just too small to house the majority of pond plants. The only exceptions are a handful of miniature sized plants. All other pond plants sold in these sized aquatic baskets will need re-planting into larger containers before they settle in your pond.

2) Pond plants are often going into natural clay or silt-bottomed ponds. Many manmade fiberglass, concrete or lined ponds also have a layer of silt for a ‘natural’ planting style. In these cases, there is absolutely no need for Aquatic baskets.

3) Pond makeovers are a regular event. With the exception of the novice beginner, all other pond hobbyists will most likely have a stack of previously used aquatic baskets that they can re-use.

4) Bare-rooted plants are lighter in weight and require less packaging, resulting in a more ECO-FRIENDLY CARBON FOOTPRINT!

5) On a productive level, it is by far more environmentally friendly for us to sell our pond plants when possible, as bare-rooted plants taken straight from our stock growing tanks and then delivered to our customer’s doors.   We do this now for all our Water Lilies, Water Iris and all our other Deep Water and Oxygenating Plants. It cuts out on the use of solid small plastic pots thus making pond plant production far more ECO-FRIENDLY!


For the reasons above, there must be a huge number of aquatic baskets thrown away straight after purchase. Also a huge amount of plastic waste mounting up simply as a consequence of selling these pond plants.

Here at Lilies Water Gardens, we sell bare rooted pond plants wherever possible to our customers visiting our nursery or buying online from our website www.lilieswatergardens.co.uk

Be Environmentally Friendly And Buy Bare Rooted Pond Plants For A Cleaner Environment!!