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Pond Plants that complement each other

Pond Plants that complement each other

I used to exhibit at a lot of garden shows, one such show being the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show.   Setting up and creating our feature gardens was a mammoth task. This is sadly why after 14 show gardens over 16 years, I finally decided to stop.  Our last show garden at Hampton Court was in 2007.

All the planting at these shows was a learning process. We had to make sure that every plant was planted up in the correct and certain way for every different type of garden we created over the years.  Also, the garden planting design was always about colour, height, different foliage, and over all, natural balance.  We soon learnt to ensure we had a small combination of plants which we knew the judges would always comment on favourably after judging had finished.

To Be Tried At Home

The list below was a winning combination and which we used over multiple years in our show gardens.   These plants together will give a natural, wild looking summer display of white, blue and yellow flowers. They all flower at the same time giving an amazing and beautiful complimentary display of summer colour.  This combination of Marginal and Bog-Garden plants are suitable for marginal planting, shallow muddy margins and bog-gardens.

Ranunculus Flammula (Yellow)

Myasotis Mermaid OR Myasotis Palustris (Blue)

Myasotis Palustris Alba (White)

Happy planting!

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