Attract Bees and Butterflies to your Water Garden with Succisa Pratensis

Attract Bees And Butterflies To Your Water Garden with Succisa Pratensis


Succisa Pratensis also known as (Devils Bit Scabious), is a UK native deciduous perennial.  It’s natural growing habitats include damp meadows, marshes and along river banks, however, the plant is quite versatile and will grow just as happily in slightly moist soil and can often be found growing on the edges of deciduous woodlands.  Devils Bit Scabious likes to be grown in sun or partial shade.  It is a compact plant with low growing purple blotched leaves and its flowering stems grow to a height of 60 cm and produce pincushion shaped single violet flowers from July-November.  These plants are particularly favored by visiting Bees and Butterflies.


Devils Bit Scabious is a member of the Honey Suckle family and its leaves are the food plant for the larvae of the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly.  This special British Butterfly is sadly in decline which makes a good valid reason for growing and incorporating this free flowering  plant into your pond surroundings. Devils Bit Scabious has medicinal qualities and has been used to treat skin ailments, hence the word Scabious (Scabies).   Apparently , according to folklore, the Devil was angry at the plants medicinal purposes and bit of the plants short growing roots, hence the common name (Devils Bit Scabious).



Succisa Pratensis Peddars Pink is a lovely rare pink flowered variety that looks great planted either on its own, or mixed with the violet native plant described above.  Both varieties of these Butterfly and Bee friendly plants can be purchased from our retail nursery or you can purchase online from our website Lilies Water Gardens.

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