Baldelia Ranunculoides (Lesser Water Plantain)

Baldellia Ranunculoides (Lesser Water Plantain)

Lesser Water Plantain is a British, shallow marginal plant that grows in still fresh water at the side of very gentle free flowing water.  It has a creeping habit and produces a very pretty airy carpet of white/pale pink flowers from the end of May to the end of August.  This attractive marginal plant produces small lanceolate leaves that float and emerge out of the water. The leaves of this aquatic herb give off a pleasant aroma when crushed or brushed.


Where to Plant

Baldellia Ranunculoides is one of my favorite marginal plants and it will grow almost anywhere. It thrives in shallow water that is 0-5 cm in depth and is non invasive and easily controlled so makes a fine choice for growing around the edges of small man made ponds, streams, ditches and also for colonizing water margin areas.  It can be found in natural clay bottomed ponds and lakes and because of its growing nature, is an excellent choice for growing in old sinks, barrels and other patio water features.

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