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Pond Plants or Water Garden Plants (what is the difference)?

Pond Plants or Water Garden Plants (What Is the Difference)?


This may well be one of the shortest articles I have ever written, but the two headings could cause a little confusion, so I need to explain.


Pond Plants

The plants under this heading are ‘true aquatics’ that like growing in water of different water depths and are suitable for streams, ditches, ponds, marsh lands, water meadows, lakes and water features including deep water marginal pond plants and shallow water marginal pond plants, oxygenating plants and Deep water and submerged pond plants, free floating pond plants and Water Lilies.


Water Garden Plants

This parent category of plants include all of the above with specific and suitable plants that grow near water in order to tone in with pond plants.  The plant categories include the damp loving bog-garden plants, moisture loving plants, and the pond surround categories Alpines and rockery plants  and Water Garden and Woodland Ferns.

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