Clean your Pond Out In February



Clean Your Pond Out In February

Most of us would still consider February as winter however, in certain parts of the UK like the west counties of Devon and Cornwall, spring usually arrives earlier than the southern counties of the UK though we soon catch up.  Our wildlife seems to know best when spring is arriving and it’s not UN-common for Frogs to start spawning in Cornwall as early as late January.

In order to protect our ponds as safe spawning grounds for Frogs, we need to make sure a spring clean out is done before the Frog spawning season begins.

Here’s How to Do an Early Spring Pond Clean Out By Using A Few Simple Steps

Simply remove your pond plants from your pond and re-pot any pot bound plants that have out-grown their existing sized Aquatic Baskets into larger ones.


Clean out autumn leaves and excess sludge but leave 1 or 2 inches of sludge in the bottom.

Save all water life including frogs and water snails and keep in a bucket of shallow water until the clean out is completed.


Do a partial water change but leave about one tenth of the existing water.

Top up with fresh water and add the newly potted pond plants back to the pond.

Introduce any saved wildlife back into the pond after you top up.

Add new pond plants Inc oxygenating plants and pond plants such as Water Lilies if needed.

You can now relax and look forward to your pond coming back to life in the next few weeks.

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