Now is the time to plant Caltha Palustris (marsh marigolds) in your pond

Now is the time to plant Caltha Palustris (marsh marigolds) in your pond

Late winter/early spring is the ideal time to add Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigolds) to your pond. They are the first marginal pond plants to flower and you should have a vibrant display of yellow flowers from mid-March on wards. There are also a handful of other interesting cultivars so, click on the links below to see our range of spring Marsh Marigold species and their interesting and rare cultivars.

Caltha Honeydew

Caltha Palustris Alba

Caltha Palustris Newlake Hybrids

Caltha Palustris Laeta

Caltha Palustris Plena

Caltha Palustris Auengold

Caltha Palustris Auenwald

Caltha Palustris var Palustris

Caltha Palustris var Palustris Honeydew

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