Water Lilies and Iris Louisiana for Early Spring Planting in your pond

Water Lilies and Iris Louisiana for Early Spring Planting In Your Pond


Spring is the ideal time to plant Water Lilies and Iris Louisiana.  Both these wonderful pond plants come in all colours of the rainbow and are sold as bare-rooted cut sections ready to be planted straight into clay/silt bottomed ponds and lakes or are even planted into Aquatic Baskets using aquatic soil, though using this type of method will require you to line the Baskets first with Hessian or Velda Cloth Liners.  It is important to plant the bare-rooted sections into the corner of a square Aquatic Basket or against the edges of round Aquatic Baskets and always with the cut end against the edge of the basket.  This pond planting technique will allow the pond plants plenty of room to grow and establish themselves into the rest of the Aquatic Basket.  It is important though if using a round Aquatic Basket, not to use anything smaller than a 23 cm, but whatever size you choose, you must always make sure you add some Aquatic Plant Food at the time of planting.


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