Have you ever seen this amount of Frog Spawn?

Have You Ever Seen This Amount Of Frog Spawn?

In the Beginning

Going back in time to around 35 years ago, I had a friend called Tony who had a passion for British Amphibians,  He was so keen and interested in pond wildlife, that he decided to create a home and breeding ground for Frogs, Newts and Toads. Tony was fortunate enough to own a field that is nearby to my nursery, and at the bottom of this field, he decided to excavate a clay bottomed pond.

The pond soon established itself with UK native pond plants such as Ranunculus Flammula, Typha Angustifolium, Juncus Inflexus and lots of other wild pond plants, and within a few years, the project became a successful spawning ground.  On warm, rainy spring nights, Tony and I would be out with our torches and buckets. We would walk up and down our lane picking up hundreds of wandering Frogs, Newts and Toads and helping them safely to the spawning ground.  Unfortunately, there were a few casualties along the way even though the road was less busy back then.  

Some years later, Tony sadly passed away but his pond wildlife haven carried on being a popular breeding ground for years to come.  However, eventually, due to neglect and the fact that the pond was only 2-3 ft deep, the pond became over-grown, mainly by Typha Latifolium, and so the Frogs decided to re-locate to a newly created open woodland pond about 200 yards away from the original pond created by Tony.  This new site proved to be even better. This is probably because it had a larger variety of pond plants including Ranunculus Aquatilis which they like.

35 Years Later: A Legacy

Things get very busy for me and my Aquatic Nursery at this time of year, but I always try to find time to visit this open woodland marshy pond. Every year, there seems to be more and more of an accumulation of Frog Spawn.  Last week I decided to pay the pond a visit, my first in fact in three years. I was amazed at the huge size and success of this spawning ground.  I roughly counted the clumps in a small area and then multiplied it by the whole spawning area. This gives an estimate of at least five to six hundred clumps of Frog Spawn.  The photos I took below speak for themselves.

I have dedicated this article to my friend and avid aquatic wildlife lover, Tony Warner.  Tony you are sadly missed but, there are many Frogs, Toads and Newts who will always be eternally grateful to you for the special haven you created for them and theirs.  Thank you.

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Simon Harman – (Proprietor)

Happy Frog Spawning!