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12 Good Reasons to Buy Pond Plants and Water Lilies from us at Lilies Water Gardens

12 Good Reasons to Buy Pond Plants and Water Lilies From us at Lilies Water Gardens

1.) Frost Hardy Pond Plants and Water Lilies NOT Tropical Pond Plants Being Advertised As Frost Hardy!

All our pond plants are suitable for growing outside in the UK.  There are businesses selling quite literally dozens of tropical marginal plants and Water Lilies as frost hardy plants all over the internet, without any warning to you the customer, that they are tropical and not frost hardy. Pond plants such as Colocassia (Taro),  Nymphaea Innocence and Trappa Natans (Water Chestnuts), will not survive our UK winters and are only suitable for heated conservatories.

2.) We Grow All Our Own Pond Plants

We grow all our marginal plants, Water Iris and Water Lilies at our retail Aquatic Nursery in Surrey. Therefore, they have already adapted to our UK climate. They will grow faster and healthier, producing more flowers than imported pond plants that need to adjust to our climate.

3.) 100% Duckweed and Azzola FREE!

No one in the world wants to inherit Lemna Minor (Duckweed) or Azzola Filiculoides (Floating Fern), into their pond when they purchase Pond Plants.  All our plants are dispatched 100% free of these unwanted, nuisance aquatic pests.  However,  I have seen a few companies actually listing and selling these highly invasive free floating pond plants.

4.) All Our Plants Are Correctly Named

I have been collecting pond plants for over 30 years from all over the world.  The species and cultivars I collect are researched, photographed and studied before becoming available for purchase.  For that reason, all my plants are properly identified and named correctly.  It really does concern me when I see plants being advertised and sold under incorrect names.

5.) We Have the Largest Collection of Marginal Plants in The UK

I promise you, you will not find anyone else in the UK with the huge range of marginal plants that I grow and supply. I was, however, quite surprised that another UK company are advertising themselves as having the largest collection.  They grow less than 100 different plants compared to the range of over 300 that I grow. So someone is exaggerating the truth and it’s not me!

6.) We Have the Largest Collection of Water Lilies in the UK

Water Lilies are my main passion in the pond plant world. At my nursery I grow and offer for sale over 250 different frost hardy cultivars.  My collection consists of many old favorites and new exciting, exclusive cultivars including a new break-through category of FROST HARDY Purples and Blues.  Unfortunately, I have seen some UK companies shamefully advertising and selling Tropical Blue and Purple Water Lilies as frost hardy Water Lilies, which they aren’t. To make matters worse, sometimes it appears they have even enhanced and changed the colour of images of Red and Pink cultivars, to Blue and Purple shades using Photo-Shop!  This is definitely a case of Buyer Beware!

7.) Over 35 Years Experience In Growing and Planting Pond Plants

Anyone can stock and sell pond plants, but do they have 35 years experience and knowledge in their growing needs, correct location and habitat’s needed to flourish and attract wildlife?  I can however, proudly say with my great knowledge and experience over the years, that I am now an expert in this field.

8.) RHS Gold and Tudor Rose Award Medal Winners

Over a 16 year period we designed and constructed 14 large show gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show and over that time, I achieved 7 Gold Medals and 4 Tudor Rose Awards. Sadly though, due to the sheer effort and amount of work involved, I retired from show gardens in 2007.

9.) Why Not Buy Bare-Rooted Pond Plants and Re-Use Your Old Aquatic Baskets

We can never know where our pond plants find their new home.  However, the locations are often natural clay based ponds and lakes where they will be planted straight into the silt/clay. Here at Lilies Water Gardens, we try to sell as many species and cultivars as bare-rooted plants and sell our Aquatic Baskets separately.  I believe that this is the correct way to go in a world where we need to think about and consider the impacts of all our plastic waste.

10.) Special Online Offers

Because we grow all our own pond plants, we are able to offer a large range at very special prices available for you to purchase online throughout the spring and summer.  These offers are exclusive to you the online customer only.

11.) Extra Additional Discounts at Online Checkout

We offer online discounts on the value of your order (we calculate these at checkout) 7.5% over £50.00, 10% over £125.00 and 12.5% over £225.00. These special discounts are quite often higher than the postage and packing charges, therefore saving you money.

12.) All Our Pond Plants and Water Garden Plants Are Categorized Correctly

I want you to enjoy and be able to navigate my website easily and find what you need without it becoming a headache.  For that reason, I have invested a lot of time and money in designing a user-friendly website with the correct plants listed under the correct categories.  However, something to be aware of is, the categories in which some other companies may be labeling their plants in.  I have seen for myself plants like Monarda and Astilbe listed as Marginal plants which in fact, they are definitely not, and will simply die within a few weeks if planted under water. Please click here to read my article on this very subject and to see my list of Perennial plants I have seen being labelled as Marginal Plants.

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