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Ferns in the Water Garden

Ferns in the Water Garden

Water gardens by definition means, ‘Gardens that contain areas of water’.  it’s the plants that bring these gardens to life, but it’s not always about flowers and colour.  Different species and cultivars of foliage plants come in a wide variety of leaf colour and shapes.   In order to bring a natural look to water gardens, there is nothing more suitable than adding a selection of Ferns.  Ferns look amazing when they have droplets of water on their delicate fronds and sparkle in the morning sun.

There are hundreds of different garden Ferns. They come in a vast range of interesting shaped fronds and they grow in many different forms and heights.  Their leaf colour also varies in many shades from silver, orange, cream, burgundy and many shades of green.  Over the years, there have been lots of new hybrids developed that have multi-coloured variegation. Ferns also favour different growing conditions. Most Ferns do best in partial shade but some will grow quite happily in full sun.

Aquatic Ferns

There is a small but interesting collection of Ferns that like extremely damp soil or even having their feet just in the water. Accordingly, these can also be categorized as marginal plants.  Two of the most popular are Matteuccia Struthiopteris (Shuttlecock Fern) and Osmunda Reagalis (Royal Fern).

Dry Ferns

This collection includes the species Polypodium and Polystichum and their many cultivars.  Both grow best in areas of rotted bark and leaf mold and therefore, favor dry woodland areas.  Some will even grow happily in the cracks of walls or rotting tree stumps and logs. They have some of the most interesting fronds and look great incorporated into close water garden surroundings.

Moisture Loving Ferns

These Ferns thrive best grown in moist but free draining conditions, and therefore look best when grown in moist shady garden borders or in damp woodland conditions.  This collection includes the many different species and cultivars of Dryopteris and Athyrium .  The latter come in a vast range of variegated cultivars, but all look very natural when planted near water where they will tone in nicely with a variety of different pond plants.

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