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My Top 10 Rockery Plants for Pond Surroundings

My Top 10 Rockery Plants for Pond Surroundings

Rockeries and ponds go together.  Most people find the sound of running or trickling water relaxing and therapeutic.  Waterfalls not only sound nice but the running water is also magical in its own way as it finds its own route down to the pond, its droplets glinting in the sunlight. Waterfalls and the surrounding rockery shapes and formations are usually created and set in amongst the soil that is excavated when the pond is created.  I have listed my favorite 10 rockery plants below.  Once established, they will bring your rockeries and waterfalls to life with their foliage and vibrancy of the colour of their pretty flowers.

Ajuga Black Scallop

This is my favorite Ajuga cultivar as it is a tough, frost hardy plant that grows in a compact way and produces very dark burgundy, almost black leaves that contrast well with its blue flowers. Flowering time is April-June.

Arenaria Balearica

This plant grows so low and compact that it molds itself to the shape of rocks and crevices resulting in a very natural looking terrain. It also produces attractive, white star shaped flowers. Flowering time is June.

Lobelia Chinensis

I collected this plant some years ago from the USA and it is very rare in cultivation.  However, it is very robust and has a wonderful creeping habit.  It’s a very natural looking plant with attractive foliage and gives out a lovely show of delicate, white flowers that have a hint of blue.  This plant is also categorized as a Marginal Pond Plant; Flowering time is July-August. Water Depth 0-6 CM

Isotama Fairy Carpet

Maybe my favorite rockery plant. Isotama grows so low and has such delicate small leaves.  Finding its way around rocks and the edge of waterfalls, it produces masses of sky-blue flowers. Flowering time is May-September.

Soleiria Soleirolii

Fast spreading lime green foliage that looks great trailing around flowing water and finding its way around rocks. Soleiria is a very common plant and is also known as ‘mind your own business’.

Leptinella Platts Black

This is my favorite low growing foliage plant.  Leptinella grows near the water’s edge and has lovely bronze/black ferny foliage that has green tips in the growing season.

Sisyrinchium Californicum

Sisyrinchiums look like a miniature Iris plants.  Growing to about 10 cm in height, they look great growing in clumps amongst rocks. This particular variety puts on a vibrant display of bright, star shaped yellow flowers and will also grow as a Pond Marginal Plant in shallow water, Flowering time is June-September. Water Depth 0-4 CM

Mazus Reptans Blue

This plant grows fast and compact, so I recommend that you only use this plant in larger rockery areas.  Mazus makes excellent ground cover and produces a thick carpet of bright, blue flowers, looking fantastic at the water’s edge.  Flowering time is May-July.

Erodium x Variable Bishops Form

I like all the Erodium cultivars and their natural mound growing habits but Bishops Form, has to be my ultimate favorite with its vibrant display of Rose Pink flowers.  Flowering time is May-September.

Phyla Lanceolata

This is another plant I collected some time ago from the USA.  Rare in cultivation, it has a low growing, compact and creeping habit which makes it an excellent choice for colonizing steep sided banks.  This plant is also known by the common name ‘Frog Fruit.  Growing both on land and at the water’s edge, it makes an excellent shallow marginal pond plant as it produces lovely and interesting, white flowers that resemble verbena.   Flowering time is July-September. Water Depth 0-6 CM

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