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Veronica Beccabunga



Veronica Beccabunga

Veronica Beccabunga also known as (Brooklime and European Speedwell), is a low growing, evergreen marginal pond plant that is native to the UK and Europe.  It has a creeping habit and grows in shallow water and muddy margins in a water depth of 0-4 cm and can be found in shallow streams, ditches, ponds, lakes and also growing amongst damp grass in marshy and boggy wetlands. Brooklime produces long stems covered in oval shaped, evergreen lime green leaves that are arranged in pairs. In late spring and summer, these compact leafy stems will spread in abundance and float across the water surface producing an attractive, raft of lush green foliage and a pretty display of small blue flowers.  Brooklime grows to a maximum height of 30 cm and is happy in full sun or partial shade.

Usage In The Water Garden

European Speedwell is one of my favorite marginal plants as it always looks natural and can be used in all water garden environments and projects.  This wonderful plant looks really good in ponds, streams, ditches, bog-gardens, moist borders and rockeries.  It’s an excellent filtration plant removing excess nitrates and therefore, a good choice for planting in the shallow beach margins of swimming ponds or pools.


Veronica Beccabunga is an edible plant, however, you may want to avoid trying it as it has a rather bitter taste.

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