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Growing Pond Plants in Biodegradable Pots

Growing Pond Plants in Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Pots

I have been experimenting with growing pond plants in biodegradable pots known as Vi pots. These pots are made from natural fibre extracted from annual crop waste such as rice husk. The pots I have planted into, come in 2 different sizes and they all have 4 small drainage holes in their base which is a similar design to most other existing plastic and terracotta garden pots.  Although these environmentally friendly pots are shallower in design, they are by far an excellent alternative for growing pond plants in.

I planted up 4 different containers, two of each in slightly different sizes and I lined the pots in the same way you would line aquatic planting baskets using hessian liners.  I planted my selection of pond plants (listed and pictured below), into aquatic soil and then to finish off, I added a 1 cm decorative layer of 2-4 cm of aquatic gravel.  Finally, I housed them all in an old butler sink to create an attractive water feature.  All the plants grew fast and looked great throughout the spring and summer, picture below.

Sagittaria Graminea-(Narrow Leafed Arrowhead)

Caltha Palustris-(Marsh Marigold)

Eleocharia Acicularis-(Hair Grass)

Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red (small red Water Lily)

My Vi pot experiment is still going strong and I am now looking forward to a second season of seeing my selected choice of pond plants spring back to life next year.  Vi pots have a 5 year life expectancy and are obviously designed to get wet, however, these ones  I will be completely submerging under the water, so with that in mind, I cannot comment or give any guarantees on just how long they will last before they start to biodegrade.  Apart from being environmentally friendly, the other good news is that these pots are a lot less expensive than aquatic baskets so I would recommend giving them a try.

I sell two sizes of Vi pots that can also be used for all your other garden needs, so please click here to buy online or visit my retail aquatic nursery in Newdigate Surrey.

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