Pond Plants For Rain Gardens

Pond Plants for Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain Garden is an Eco-friendly way of gardening, making use of free water. In addition, it is a way of creating Eco-friendly drainage. Normally, the run-off rain-water and flood-water from heavy downpours carries pollutants from roofs, driveways etc. straight into ditches, streams and freshwater habitat. With a Rain Garden, the water is instead collected and directed to a low-lying depression area that is a soak away in itself. This area is usually 20-30% of the roof area in size.

Where should I build my Rain Garden?

Rain Gardens should be situated in full sun or partial shade, and make an excellent feature for growing moisture-loving perennials. Above all, the soil in a Rain Garden should be free draining, so any flood water has drained within a day or two. Loose light soil is therefore ideal (nothing clay based); sandy in content is even better; incorporating green garden waste is fine. The depth of soil should be about 12 inches.

There are various ways of directing the rain to the garden. For instance, guttering down pipes and small man-made gulleys.

Pond Plants for Rain Gardens

The following plant species and their cultivars are all suitable for Rain Gardens.

Astilbe Cultivars

Iris Ensata Cultivars

Hosta Cultivars

Iris Sibirica Cultivars

Primula Florindae Cultivars

Primula Candelabra Cultivars

Carex Elata Aurea

Lythrum Cultivars

Caltha Palustris Cultivars

Filipendula Cultivars

Hemerocallis cultivars

Moisture Loving Ferns

Veronica Becabunga

Mazus Reptans and White Cultivar

Ajuga Species

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