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Pond Plants with attractive bright green foliage

Pond Plants with attractive bright green foliage

There are few pond plants that hold their beauty alone with their fresh green leaves. I have composed a short list of some of my favourites, all quite distinctive from each other.

Veronica Becabunga

This low growing creeping plant looks fantastic in all water garden environments. It puts on a lovely display of small blue flowers in late spring/early summer, but its small oval fresh glossy green leaves look fantastic throughout the year.

Acorus Calamus

This Marginal rush has tall upright sword-like leaves that grow up 2-3 ft out of the water. The new leaves emerge a lovely lime green, and keep their colour throughout the whole spring and summer before dying back for the winter.

Carex Muskingumensis

A nice tidy clump forming marginal sedge with bright green foliage. This one also keeps its fresh green colour all season. It’s semi-evergreen so I always cut mine back in October.

Caltha Palustris

A must for all ponds! It is the first marginal plant to show in the spring: tidy shoots emerge late February/early March. These transform into neat tidy clumps of the freshest green leaves, only to be followed soon afterwards with a stunning display of waxy looking bright yellow flowers.

Apponogeton Distachyos

A submerged aquatic plant that favours cooler conditions. As a result, it looks fantastic in both spring and autumn. Its perfect, long oval leaves float on the water surface, can grow up to 1ft in length, and sometimes have attractive olive-brown markings. Similarly, it puts on a stunning display of flowers in these cooler months. Its very unusual vanilla-scented white flowers sit just above the water surface in spring, disappearing completely and going dormant in mid-summer. They then re-appear again in September.

Callitriche Stagnalis

This oxygenating plant favours the same seasonal growing conditions as Apponogeton Distachyos (listed above). Thousands of perfectly formed, tiny fresh green leaves float on the water surface in neatly organized rosettes.

In conclusion… it’s not all about flowers! Pond plants with attractive bright green foliage will bring a natural look to your pond.

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