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Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata the giant Tropical looking Deep Marginal Plant

Thalia Dealbata is a North American, architectural, tropical looking deep water marginal plant that displays large lanceolate leaves and tall stems that grow to a height of 180cm which produce panicles of beautiful violet flowers.  Also known as Powdery Alligator Flag, Hardy Canna and Powdery Thalia, this stunning deep water marginal plant produces powdery oval leaves that grow up to 6 inches wide and 18 inches in length.  The leaves are water resistant and if you pour water on them, the water collects into magical droplets that just simply run off leaving them bone dry.  From June to September, the violet flowers attract small insects and Hoverflies that get trapped in the flowers, so Thalia could be considered to be partially carnivorous.

Uses and Planting Conditions

Alligator Flags are nutrient hungry, heavy feeders and therefore, an excellent choice for filtration beds which is why they are often used in swimming ponds.  They are suitable for medium to large ornamental ponds and for natural planting straight into clay-based or silt based ponds and lakes.

Thalia like to be planted in full sun in water that is 10-60cm deep.   If you are planting into Aquatic Baskets, the water depth requirement is the distance between the top of the Aquatic Basket to the water surface.  Take out your plant from its original 1 x 1 litre pot and plant it back up into a 29 cm square Aquatic Basket which you will need to line with a 60cm cloth liner.  For a more established look with better impact, take out 3 x 1 litre potted plants from their original pots and plant back into a 40cm square Aquatic Basket lined with a 90cm cloth liner.

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