Attract Wildlife with a Balcony Water Feature

Attract Wildlife with A Balcony Water Feature

Fresh water, unless it has become polluted, will nearly always attract wildlife of some kind.  There are many different containers that will hold water and therefore suitable to use as a water feature on your balcony. whether you are on the first floor or the top floor, you can create a little water garden all of your own.  For example, see above the image of my planted Wooden Water Feature but, even an old washing up bowl can also house a miniature Water Lily and a few other plants and be turned into a small water feature that will attract wildlife.  AS a guide, a washing up bowl water feature could house up to three – four pond plants, and a larger water feature 60cm x 45cm, could house up to five – seven.  I would suggest to half fill a small water container of your choice with aquatic soil and plant straight into the soil.  For larger features, plant into 17 cm Aquatic Baskets lined with 45cm Square Hessian Liners or 45cm Cloth Liners. The plants listed below are all suitable for Balcony Water Features.

Balcony Wildlife

Unfortunately,  you won’t attract Amphibians to your balcony water feature if you are on the top floor, but what you might well attract are Dragonflies and Damselflies which are always a welcome visitor.  If you plant a few small Rushes such as Typha Minima, you might even find these amazing winged insects are happy enough with your water feature, that they will lay eggs in it. There are many other airborne insects such as Water Boatmen that may choose to introduce themselves as well.  Whatever your water feature looks like, it is almost certainly guaranteed to attract small thirsty birds.

Typha Minima

Baldelia Ranunculoides

Juncus Submodulosa

Caltha Natans

Eleocharis Acicularis

Isolopsis Cernua

Mentha Pulegium

Myasotis Palustris Pinkie

Nymphaea Pygmaea Helvola

Nymphaea Little Sue

Nymphaea Gypsy

Nymphaea Denver

Nymphaea Solfatare

Ranunculus Flammula

Sisyrinchium Californicum

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