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Pond Planting in the Summer

Pond Planting in the Summer

Is it too late to plant Water Lilies and Marginal Plants? This is a question I frequently get asked in July and August, and the answer is no. In fact, its actually the best time to plant as there is plenty of time for plants to establish and make strong root systems before the leaves and Lily pads die back in the Autumn.

Marginal Plants

Many of the Marginal Plants we grow are sold bare-rooted, rather than in pots, and during the summer months they are in full growth. These plants will grow and spread at their fastest when the water is warm and the daylight hours are long. Sometimes tall growing plants are cut back before being dispatched, this might sound rather harsh but tall plants will sway in the wind disturbing their base and prevent the plants from rooting in properly. The majority of our Marginal plants are sold as Potted plants that already have established root systems. All our Marginal plants either require planting straight into natural substrate, clay or thick pond sludge or if you have a fibreglass pond or lined pond, they will need to be planted into aquatic baskets lined with Hessian or cloth liners.

There is a very good reason why we don’t sell our plants pre-planted in aquatic baskets:


Half the time pond plants are being purchased to be planted straight into natural clay or silt bottomed ponds, so in a world where we are trying to go eco-friendly it is far more important to sell them bare-rooted where possible or in small 9 cm or 7 cm pots. This drastically saves throwing away plastic as small garden pots can be re-used for other home gardening projects.


A high percentage of our customers will be doing a pond planting makeover and re-planting into their existing aquatic baskets, so again makes sense to sell them in small pots reducing plastic waste.

VI-POTS (biodegradable pots)

We are currently experimenting with biodegradable pots and other alternatives to plastic pots and have so far discovered that Marginal plants grow perfectly well in VI-POTS. These pots are made from natural fibre extracted from annual crop waste such as rice husk. We have successfully grown Marginal plants in these pots for 4 seasons now, they will only decompose when broken up and placed on a compost heap. They have 4 small drainage holes in their base which is a similar design to most other existing plastic and terracotta pots. We sell these on our website, available in two different sizes, also suitable for growing Water Lilies.

Water Lilies

All our Water Lilies are dispatched bare-rooted with fresh emerging shoots and leaves. During July and August the majority are sold with established Lily pads and where possible buds and flowers. The advantage to planting during summer months is much the same as with Marginal Plants, once planted they will start to send out new root systems straight away. Summer Lily pads are also great for covering the water surface and reducing green algae and Blanket weed problems.

Important Info

Always make sure the aquatic soil or substrate level is just above the base of the leaf stems, as this is where Water Lilies send out new root systems. If the soil is below the root systems your Water Lily will most likely fail.

I hope this article gives a insight into Pond Planting in the Summer.

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