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10 Must Have Submerged Deep Water Pond Plants

 10 Must Have Submerged Deep water Pond Plants Submerged pond plants play an essential role in maintaining a healthy pond.  Releasing oxygen into the water and taking up excessive nitrate levels at the same time, they create a perfect balanced environment for all pond life.  Some deep water plants are just water foliage plants. Meanwhile, others […]

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Persicaria Amphibia-Amphibious Bistort

Persicaria Amphibia – Amphibious Bistort Persicaria  Amphibia, also known as Polygonum Amphibian, is a terrestrial native plant that grows wild all over the UK.  It thrives as a deep water submerged plant, such as in natural clay bottomed ponds, lakes, rivers, ditches and man-made canals. But, being terrestrial, (growing on both land and water), it […]

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