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Tag: floating leaved plants

Persicaria Amphibia-Amphibious Bistort

Persicaria Amphibia – Amphibious Bistort Persicaria  Amphibia, also known as Polygonum Amphibian, is a terrestrial native plant that grows wild all over the UK.  It thrives as a deep water submerged plant, such as in natural clay bottomed ponds, lakes, rivers, ditches and man-made canals. But, being terrestrial, (growing on both land and water), it […]

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Pond and Water Plants in Colour

Pond and Water Plants in Colour   There are hundreds of thousands of plants from all corners of the world that grow in still and running water.  Unfortunately, the majority of these are too invasive or simply not interesting enough (unless you’re a botanist), to grow in man-made water gardens and ponds.   Fortunately, commercially produced […]

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