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Tag: water meadows


Moorhens For those proud owners of larger areas of water, there is a water bird that you should welcome with open arms, should you be lucky enough that they decide to make your back garden their home and breeding ground.  Moorhens, or Marsh Hens, (Latin name Gallinula Chloropus)  are black water birds with red beaks.  […]

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Filipendula Ulmaria-Meadow Sweet

Filipendula Ulmaria-Meadow Sweet Filipendula Ulmaria, also known as Meadow Sweet, Queen of the Meadow, and Meadwort, is a perennial herb. It is widespread and native to the UK, and can be found throughout Europe. A moisture loving (verging on marginal) plant, it favours various damp habitats. These include damp ditches, marsh lands, water meadows, natural […]

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